Sustainable Christ-Centered Schools

Worldwide Christian Schools® (WWCS) and its partners share the goal of providing Christ-centered education to all who desire it, regardless of financial circumstances. The schools we partner with offer educational opportunities to all, even if a student is unable to cover the full cost of tuition.  Since many of these schools cannot depend fully on tuition, they must develop other ongoing income sources to achieve a greater degree of sustainability within their communities.

Achieving True Sustainability:

Worldwide Christian Schools® views student sponsorship programs as temporary solutions in the process of sustainability for schools.

WWCS believes a school can become truly sustainable, eventually operating securely into the future without help from donation sources outside its own educational influence or community.  We encourage and empower Christian schools to achieve true sustainability through the Worldwide Christian Schools® Network.

The WWCS Network encourages a process of capability achievement which will empower a school to grow and become increasingly sustainable.  Meanwhile, we believe these capabilities will enrich each student’s educational environment, provide each student with holistic nourishment (mind, body, and soul), increase quality of education, increase school enrollment, and result in a lasting legacy of accredited Christian education within a community.

A school may choose to run a variety of its own sustainability projects such as regular fundraisers.  WWCS strongly encourages schools to develop an enterprise connected to their school in order to become sustainable.  Our organization models this business relationship through our connection with Comprenew® Environmental.  You can find more examples of enterprises for school sustainability on our Be Inspired! media page.

Student Sponsorship

Currently, WWCS uses student sponsorship programs to supplement tuition costs and keep school doors open to all.  Student sponsorship helps schools work toward sustainability by giving more children access to quality, Christ-centered education while allowing sponsors to contribute toward the educational costs of children in need. WWCS offers two student sponsorship programs that meet needs in various parts of the world:

  • Student Hope™ offers “two lives changed” through a global WWCS program which has begun in India.
  • Hope Rising™ is “lifting students up in the Dominican Republic” as a joint program of WWCS, Christian Reformed World Missions, and the Christian Reformed Schools of the Dominican Republic (COCREF).

Why Student Sponsorship matters:

By choosing to sponsor a student, you are helping WWCS address urgent needs worldwide.
Today, 72 million school-aged children around the globe do not have access to education, a situation that perpetuates poverty, injustice and inequality (UNICEF).

There are approximately one billion children in the world who have never heard that God loves them. There is a less than 7% chance that these children will come to know Christ if they don’t by the age of 14 (Barna Research).

In many parts of the world, Christ-centered schools are allowed to operate where Christian churches are not. There are many forces competing for a child’s attention, especially in the developing world. For example, both Muslims and Christians are building schools as quickly as possible.

You can make all the difference in the world for one child who needs your support. Thank you for your interest in sustaining Christ-centered schools around the globe!

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